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Are the camps only for Combs students?

No, the volleyball camps are open to anyone who desires to learn or continue to improve their volleyball skills prior to the upcoming school year.

Are the camps open to both boys and girls?

We offer the camps to both genders, however some focus of the summer camps is specifically geared toward preparing the girls for the upcoming Fall Season. Boys are more than welcome to attend in the ‘Cubs’ or ‘Cadets’ Camps.  High School Camps, when offered, will be separated with both boys and girls having the opportunity to attend skill training in their own camps. The Youth Camps are always open to both.

How do we register for the camp?

Camp registration must be completed online at our Camp Registration Portal. (LINK COMING SOON!)

If you need to register and pay for the camp in person, please contact the Camp Director for arrangements – this will need to be completed at least 10 days prior to the start of the camp session.

Who are the Volleyball Camp Coaches?

Combs High School Head Coach, Ed Allen, along with the volleyball program’s coaching staff, set up the curriculum for training. Camp coaches also include several current players within the High School Volleyball program. We may bring in additional Club and High School Coaches from around the area depending on camp needs.

My child will be attending Combs High School, does she need to attend camps to make the volleyball team?

No. Volleyball camps are offered as an opportunity for prospective players to improve their skills before the season and tryouts. While the camps may help a player make a volleyball team, non-attendance will never hurt a player’s chances at tryouts. The camps help promote advanced volleyball in the community and at Combs High School.

Is there a limit to the camp enrollment?

Yes. The camps are limited with court space and the player-to-coach ratio. Therefore, each camp session has enrollment cap to ensure that the camp remains a quality experience for all campers.

Please register early. We are hoping that the skill camps will grow in popularity and the potential is there that they will fill up fast. The registration deadlines allow the camp director enough time to plan for the camp enrollment and secure enough quality coaches. Once the enrollment cap has been reached, the camp will form a waiting list.

Are parents able to watch the tryout sessions?

While all practice sessions are closed to the public, parents are allowed to observe.

However, tryout sessions are not open to parents or spectators. The athletes (and coaches) are stressed enough and we don’t want to add to the stress level by allowing outside influences to watch.

Please keep in mind that there are also conversations taking place in the gym lobby related to tryouts. Please respect the privacy of the players and staff by waiting outside the athletic building for your daughter if asked to do so by the coaching staff.

Is registration available at the door? Are there charges for late registrations?

Camp registration must be completed in advance online at our Camp Registration Portal. (LINK COMING SOON!)

There is a $25 fee per session for all late registrations. Late registration is established for any registration received later than June 8th. This will include attempting to register at the camp check-in. Please email the camp director if you need to complete any late registrations at the door.

My child will miss one of the camp dates, can they still attend the remaining dates?

Yes, of course. Please keep in mind that each camp session is progressive, where the curriculum is built upon each day, however, if you have a conflict and need to miss a session, the camp coaches will do their best to keep each camper up to task. The tuition will stay the same – we are unable to prorate the cost.

Can I pay for just some of the days?

No.  The camps are designed to be progressive skill building from day to day and as such, the cost of registration covers all four days of the camp. There is not a way to pay for only certain days.

What is the refund procedure?

All refund requests must be made IN WRITING/EMAIL before the camp session start date – there may be an administrative fee for any refund. All refund requests should be directed to camp director Ed Allen.

There will be NO refund of camp fees after the start date for reasons other than documented medical conditions.