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Off-season strength and conditioning is for all prospective volleyball players to prepare them for the physical testing that will be performed during player evaluations as well as to enhance performance during the season and to reduce the chance of injury.  Student-athletes must be enrolled at Ironwood Ridge to participate.

The Coyotes Coaching Staff will conduct all conditioning and speed/agility training sessions.  All training sessions will be held in the school’s weight room/gym, track, and/or sand courts.


All student-athletes must be currently enrolled (or registered) for classes at Combs High School to participate in any off-season activity.  If you are not enrolled at Combs and interested in attending, please contact the Athletic Director and/or Registrar.  

All student-athletes must have a current clearance packet (including a current physical and health history form) on file with the Athletic Department BEFORE they are allowed to participate in any off-season activities. Physicals for the 2024 season must be dated on or after March 1, 2024. 

  • If you are a returning athlete and your Physical is dated before March 1, 2024; a new physical is required by July 1, 2024.

  • If you are a new athlete, a Physical Examination and Clearance Forms are required.

The coaching staff will have a check-in at each session to verify attendance..  If you have any questions regarding Athletic Clearance and/or physical examination requirements, please contact the Athletic Office.


All student-athletes must have a current Physical Examination Form on file in the Athletic Office before participating.

The sessions will begin on time – all players should be checked in at least 5-10 minutes before the start time.  All sessions will be supervised by the coaching staff and players will be expected to perform the complete workout from start to finish.  Any deviation from the assigned workout must be approved by the Strength & Conditioning Coach.

All workouts and lifts must be accurately entered in the athlete’s TeamBuildr account. (INFO COMING SOON)

Report any and all injuries to the coaching staff immediately.


Returning players are to report in official Combs apparel – spandex or running shorts.  New prospective players may wear another appropriate t-shirt until you attain Combs gear.  Extra conditioning will be assigned (or athletes will be sent home) if players show up in the wrong uniform. Do NOT wear Club gear or t-shirts.


All athletes should bring a full water bottle, running shoes and appropriate clothing (see Dress Code).